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Sometimes it's hard to find the right products.  Sometimes we're looking for replacements and other times it's prototyping...and then, of course, there's the challenge from the GM, "Can you find it cheaper?"  Here are some places to try.

Less Expensive Parts:

MPJA - Power supplies, switches, small parts, indicators, meters 
Electronic Goldmine - Sort of today's Radio Shack of the '60s
All Electronics - Another Radio Shackish supplier of various parts, power supplies and the like 


Online Devices - variety of relay stacks, PLCs RS232 gear and the like Thank you, Scott Clifton
Factorymation - motors and contactors, heavy 3 phase power management, power supplies, motor control 
Covid - panels, plates, labeling and lettering

Replacement Parts:

Surplus Sales (of Nebraska) Everyone's been there - broad selection of replacement parts, pulls and surplus electronics 

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